Meet Our Therapists 

Molly Swafford

Molly graduated from University of Florida with a degree in physical therapy in 1996 and has been working solely in Pediatrics since then. She has worked in a variety of settings including inpatient acute care, outpatient, Inpatient Rehab and schools. She is most passionate about and has the most experience in seeing kids in their homes, the natural environment. She feels that this setting allows her to get to know the family best, giving her a more holistic picture of the child’s and family’s needs.¬† This approach allows her to develop a comprehensive PT plan that will result in an improved quality of life and greater independent functioning for the child.


Molly also has had the opportunity to run a Motion Analysis Laboratory and consulted with orthopedists and neurosurgeons on determining what type of surgery that may be well suited for their patients.


Molly has treated a wide variety of patients, including those with general incoordination and weakness, developmental delay, premature birth, torticollis, stroke, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, spina bifida, cancer, sensory integration dysfunction, hypotonia, hypertonia and traumatic brain injury.


Molly is NDT certified and has done extensive continuing education, including the neurodevelopmental treatment (NDT) certification course and courses in sensory integration.

After an initial evaluation, we will design an individualized comprehensive treatment plan. Treatments and evaluations will be done in your home or the child’s daycare or private school.

Note: * “International Intervention Guidelines for Cerebral Palsy state that improvements in children with cerebral palsy are even better when intervention occurs at home because children learn best in supported natural settings where training is personalized to their enjoyment.”