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Achieving success and celebrating victories of all children through proven and effective methods of physical therapy.

We provide individualized services benefiting babies, children, and teens with challenges in the following areas:

  • Gross motor development
  • Balance and coordination
  • Tight muscles impacting mobility and posture
  • Muscle control
  • Range of motion, strength, and endurance
  • Gait and mobility

We also help in the promotion of healthy, active lifestyles, the prevention of musculoskeletal injuries, and independence within the child’s communities.

Our therapists, with over 30+ years combined experience, will develop personalized plans for your child’s specific needs, utilizing many options to resolve issues. With each session, we incorporate fun and successful therapy techniques children look forward to each week. We have treated a wide variety of patients, including those with general incoordination, developmental delay, premature birth, torticollis, stroke, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, spina bifida, cancer, sensory integration dysfunction, hypotonia, hypertonia and traumatic brain injuryWe provide services in the child’s home, private school, daycare setting, or other natural environment. 


“The International Intervention Guidelines for Cerebral Palsy say improvements in children with cerebral palsy are even better when intervention occurs at home because children learn best in supported natural settings where training is personalized to their enjoyment.”


After an initial evaluation, we will design an individualized comprehensive treatment plan. Treatments and evaluations will be done in your home or the child’s daycare or private school.

winter park pediatric physical therapyOrlando Pediatric Physical Therapy is so excited to have been a supporter and vendor at the 17th Annual Make ‘M Smile event that was held on June 1, 2019!  We enjoyed meeting hundreds of VIP’s and giving away over 800 snow cones and seeing the kids enjoy all the bubble fun!

The Make ‘m Smile community festival is the BIGGEST party celebrating kids with special needs in central Florida, hosting kids and adults with all types of special needs and their families! This year, Make ‘m Smile hosted over 40,000 participants!

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Building Relationships

Generous amounts of time and care is invested into each relationship, listening closely to the needs of each child and parent.

Professional Service

Personalized plans are developed for your child’s specific needs, utilizing many options to resolve issues.

Modern Techniques

With each session, fun and successful therapy techniques are incorporated that children look forward to each week.

Valuable Experience

We have over 30+ years experience combined in pediatric physical therapy.

Continued Support

Continued support is provided to all clients which gives each individual valuable keys to their success.

Family Advocate

We are passionate about helping families with children with special needs and take great pride in providing continuing care and support.

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Through each child’s strengths and weaknesses realistic goals are developed to achieve success.

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Client forms are available online for appointment evaluations.

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Molly is not just a physical therapist. she has a heart bigger then anyone I had ever met, she gives 100% of her whole being to a session with your child. she won’t just treat the child, since treating the family benefits the child, she always included every dynamic she could to help and that involves education, home exercises, teaching siblings so they can feel included and important. She’s not done after the session either, she’s already planning for the next session, and long term goals as well, and her mind always comes back to your child (I receive random messages of her telling me plans or ideas she got while away from us!) I think the best thing she accomplished with us was she trained me to really understand my son, and since then we have gone out into school & the world and I feel that I have an understanding that has empowered me to be his biggest advocate in a very difficult an sometimes unfair world. Besides her passion and dedication, Molly has a gift at being absolutely brilliant at her skills, she has proven herself worthy of my complete trust and she is still my go-to person when I’m stuck or frustrated or afraid. We worked with her for 3 years, and I still haven’t found anyone close to replacing her. You would be beyond blessed to have Molly on your child’s team! (And my son is still on her heart after several years she still asks how he is doing!)

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We absolutely love Molly! Our son, who has cp, has made so much progress under her care throughout the 2 years we’ve seen her. Absolutely AMAZING, hands-down the best therapist we could have ever asked for!

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Molly has absolutely transformed my son’s life! I did extensive research in finding the right therapist and truly found a gem! Molly not only brings years of experience, she can completely relate to and bring out qualities that have turned into improvements and growth into my son’s life. What an amazing difference she has made!

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Family of Five

My daughter absolutely looks forward to Molly coming every week! It’s the highlight of her day. Each week she works on reinforcing her strengths and continually improving her weaknesses without missing a step. The creative expertise and joy she brings to our lives is irreplaceable.

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We accept the following forms of payment: CMS Title 19, CMS Title 21, Any commercial insurance plan’s out of network benefits, Tricare Prime and Standard (coming soon), and the Gardiner Scholarship.

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